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Trail Roulette lets you find new trails to bike or hike with the spin of a wheel. Once you pick a trail segment view it in TrailAware AR.

It started with, I don't know what about you?

Random Trails Near you

Tired of riding the same trails over and over? Show up somewhere new and don't know where to start? Our app lets you explore local trails worldwide with your GPS location and Strava's global database of segments. Trail Roulete was born to make finding a trail simple and fun. We DO NOT store your location, use your location in the background, or collect any personal information, unless you opt-in for our spin to win feature, which we just ask for your Name and Email to contact you upon winning.


Watch the Video to learn about the App. More features coming soon!

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Trail Roulette brings the fun back into finding new trails to Bike or Hike. Spin the Wheel to find new trails in your area, or win prizes.


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Press Release

August 22nd 2019, With the launch of Trail Roulette, we are pleased to invite bikers and hikers worldwide to download our app and explore new trails. Spin, Discover, Win!

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